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Irakli Shengelia

Date of birth: 10.10.1984

Place of birth:

Marital Status: married




1991-2000 Kutaisi #3 State School

2000-2003 Sate Medical  College of Tbilisi State Medical University

2003-2007 Medical faculty of Tbilisi State Medical University

2008-2010 Belarus State Medical university Department of Radiant Diagnostics, Clinical Post Graduate Course

2012- 2013  received the following education in Tbilisi  State Medical University. Science Research Insitute of Cilinical Medicine.  A Computer- Tomographic Diagnostics

2012 the following Accedemic Degree of Belorusia Medical Academy, Department of Rediant Diagnostics, Rediant Diagnostics


 From 2016 Up to date Tbilisi State Medical University Post-Graduate Education Clinical Science Scientific Research Institute Magnetic Resonance Tomography Diagnostics


Work experience:

In 2007-2008 he worked as a specialist at the Ghudushauri Medical Center, in the Quality and Control Service of Medical Activity.

In 2009 - 2010 he was a doctor radiologist at Minski # 9 Multiprofile Hospital;

In 2010-2011 was a younger doctor A. Dzotsenidze Regional Hospital of Imereti. In the X-ray section;

In 2011-2012 he worked as a doctor of radiology. Minsk # 9 Multipurpose Hospital in the Computer Tomography Department;

Since 2012 - is still a doctor radiologist. Head of radiological service; Imereti Regional Clinical Hospital Outpatient Diagnostic Department

From 2016 - up to date there is a doctor radiologist medical corporation "EVEX" in Imereti Radiological Unit;

From 2014 till date is a doctor radiologist. The head of the radiological department at the hospital "Beau Monde";

From 2014 till present Member of the Management Committee in Independent Professional Relations of Kutaisi Medical Workers;

From 2017 - Kutaisi municipality chairperson's seat, winner of the municipal board.

Is a member of the Association of  Radiologists and the Association of European Radiologists;

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