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Arrangement of road infrastructure in Kutaisi is going on in several streets simultaneously

12 July, 2018

Rehabilitation works are ongoing at several streets in Kutaisi. Kutaisi City Mayor Giorgi Tchigvariia, together with Mamuka Rijamadze, Majoritarian MP of Vakisubani, got acquainted with the development of infrastructural projects.
Kutaisi Mtsvane Kvavila, Luka Asatiani and Leselidze streets were in terrible condition. The population has been asking for help for years. The reinforced works on wall on Mtsvane kvavila Street was timely and important because of the threat to the local population.

By the decision of the local government, the concrete cover laid on all three streets. The contractors were chosen by preliminary tender conditions. 155 700 GEL on Mtsvane Kvavila street, 93 835.28 GEL on Luka Asatiani Street and 242 669.52 GEL on Leselidze Street. The Mayor also inspected the works on drainage channels and roads in Tabukashvili street lanes. In Tabukashvili 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th lanes the whole road will be asphalted, for which 300 thousand GEL is to be spent. "We are rehabilitating the roads which were demanded to be done for a long time by the local population. The priority of our government is to improve the infrastructure, which we are implementing step by step "- stated Giorgi Tchigvaria.

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